Arthronis phase 1 jointprotecting and arthritis preventing pills

Cheese-flavoured pills against arthritis of any joint. Prevents or killes pain of the inflammated articulation.


Dosage: both phase (Arthronis 1 and 2) should be given for 2-2 months. This cure can be repeated twice a year, but in case of severe joint problems 3 times as well.

Small breeds (under 25 kg)        1 pill daily

Medium breeds (25-50 kg)         2 pills daily

Large breeds (50-75 kg)            3 pills daily

(doesn't matter if divided in 2 or 3 times a day or given once)


This cure is suggested in case of:

- any joint inflammation

- sport- and active dogs for protecting their joints

- elderly dogs for keep on moving

- fat dogs


Phase 2 itself suggested in cases of:

- puppies and young dogs for preventing the problems of the joint

- after surgeries to kill pain and accelerate recovery

60 pc

Manuf.: Woykoff

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