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Dear Customers!


Welcome to Hungary! Enjoy your stay here. If you need anything related to your pet, you are on the best website!

I'm Zoltán Nándorfi DVM.dr Nándorfi Zoltán

I know how lost you can feel if your pet needs an exact type of diet, when you're searching for a specific equipment, or if you just became a new pet owner and don't know what to buy for that cute puppy, kitten or any kind of baby: what kind of food, bowl, toy–anything.
But relax, I told you you're on the best website.

We designed this webshop to be customer-friendly, so go on and navigate between the exclusively high quality and as eco-friendly as possible merchandise–we don't sell anything we wouldn't give my own pets.

If you have any questions or problems–that's why we are here. Don't hesitate to contact us here below or email us at! We are looking forward to helping you. If your pet was under a veterinary diet or treatment at home and you are looking for advice on similar pet food or dietary supplement available in Hungary, feel free to reach out to us. We can also arrange with your veterinary if you send us their email address.


Have a nice day and keep on shopping!