Trovet Adult Dog Dryfood MXF 3 kg
TROVET Adult MXF dry dog 3 kg

Premium quality dryfood for adult dogs. The protein components (chicken and eggprotein) are of very good value and can be digested in a high rate. That means your dog will eat less amount as from a worse quality food, and will produce less poop -so it's ecofriendly and economic as well.
(You choosen right, I suggest the dryfood instead of wet if your dog eats it, because its more economic and healthy.) Because of the best rate of omega6/omega3 fatty acids the hair will shine, and your pet will be full of energy.
The food doesn't contains wheat or soy, preventing bad allergies.

Ingredients:meat and animal products (chicken), minerals.

Manuf.: Netlaa bv. Hollandia
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