Cystocure powder against urinary infections

For dogs and cats. Helps reducing bacterial colonization in urinary tract infections (UTI).

Complementary feed for dogs and cats.
CystoCure helps improving urinary tract conditions in case of infections, both during acute stages in association to specific therapies and recurrencies. It can be used alone or combined to specific diets. (Following your Veterinarian advice)


Powder: Maltodextrin, Vaccinium macrocarpon, Colloidal silica, C. aurantium L.var.dulcis

Dosage and use:

Mix the powder with moist feed according to the following daily dosages :
• Recurrent or relapsing stages : 2 scoops (1 g) per 10 kg of body weight once a day
In case of dry diet moisten the feed to allow an adhesion of the powder and its complete intake.
• Acute stages of urinary disorders: 2 scoops (1 g) per 10 kg of body weight twice a day

Treatment should last 15 to 30 days. Cycles can be repeated several times, following your Veterinarian advice.
CystoCure could be administered alone, or in association to usual therapies and specific diets, following your Veterinarian advice.

30 g powder.

Manuf.: Instituto Candioli S.p.A, Italy

5 400 Ft
Unit price: 180 Ft/g
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